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Policy Proposal Notice:   EBR Registry Number:   011-7552
Ontario Ministry of Transportation Cycling Strategy
Ministry of Transportation
Date Proposal loaded to the Registry:
November 30, 2012

This is a proposal notice intended to invite interested members of the public to review and comment on the Ministry of Transportation’s draft Cycling Strategy.

Keyword(s):   Land use planning
The comment period for this proposal is now over.
Description of Policy:

The Strategy describes what the Ontario Government is currently doing to encourage cycling, as well outlining what the Ministry will do to further advance it. The Strategy aims to provide a policy framework that will: 

  • Enhance cycling infrastructure in the province 
  • Enhance cycling safety through education and legislation 
  • Ensure relevancy through monitoring, researching and coordination

The Strategy is intended to replace the Ministry’s Bicycle Policy, which was released in 1992.

In addition to the internal work the Ministry has completed, the recommendations of the recently released Cycling Death Review from the Chief Coroner of Ontario have been considered, and a number of them have been incorporated into the Strategy. These include: 

  • Providing the purchasers of bicycles with cycling safety information,
  • Initiating consultations on legislative and/or regulatory changes regarding cycling on paved shoulders,
  • Public education for drivers and cyclists, in collaboration with road safety organizations,
  • Updating the Driver Handbooks to enhance the safety of all road users, including cyclists,
  • Reviewing and updating the Highway Traffic Act to improve cycling safety, and
  • Leading the identification of a province-wide cycling network.

Purpose of Policy:

Since the release of the Ontario Ministry of Transportation’s (the Ministry) Bicycle Policy in 1992, the Ontario Government has implemented a range of measures to encourage cycling in the province. These measures have helped increase the number of cyclists, but the time has come to have a refreshed approach to encourage cycling in the province and ensure the safety of all road users.

The Cycling Strategy will guide the Ministry of Transportation’s management of, and support for cycling, in order to improve the safety and accessibility of this mode of transportation. The Strategy lays the foundation for partnerships between the Ministry, other ministries and agencies, municipal governments and other stakeholders that will work to improve the conditions for cycling in the province.

Other Information:

Public Consultation:

This proposal was posted for a 60 day public review and comment period starting November 30, 2012. Comments were to be received by January 29, 2013.

All comments received during the comment period are being considered as part of the decision-making process by the Ministry.

Please Note: All comments and submissions received have become part of the public record.

Other Public Consultation Opportunities:

This consultation document is posted for a 60 day public review and comment period starting November 30, 2012. Comments are to be received by January 29, 2013.

All comments received during the comment period are being considered as part of the decision-making by the Ministry if they:

a. Are submitted online through this EBR posting or submitted in writing with the EBR Registry number clearly referenced; and
b. Are received by the Contact person within the specified comment period.

Please Note: All comments and submissions will become part of the public record. You will not receive a formal response to your comment; however, relevant comments received as part of the public participation process for this draft Cycling Strategy will be considered by the Ministry of Transportation.

In accordance with its Statement of Environmental Values, the Ministry believes that public consultation is critical to sound decision making. Municipalities, cyclists, tourism stakeholders, and other interested groups and individuals across Ontario are invited to submit written comments regarding the draft Cycling Strategy to the Ministry EBR Coordinator using the contact information provided. Additionally, you may submit your comments online. Comments should be submitted within the 60-day timeframe noted at the top of this notice. Please quote the Environmental Registry Number when submitting comments.

All comments received during the posting of the draft Cycling Strategy will be taken into consideration by the Ministry in finalizing of the Strategy.

In addition to this public consultation, the Ministry will be conducting a separate consultation on a range of legislative amendments to further enhance the safety of cyclists and all road users. 

For further technical information, contact: 

Michael Canzi
Sustainable Transportation Office
Transportation Policy Branch
Ministry of Transportation
777 Bay Street, 30th floor
Toronto, ON M7A 2J8


Michael DeRuyter
Policy Officer
Ministry of Transportation
Policy and Planning Division
Transportation Planning Branch
Environmental Policy Office (St. Catharines)
301 St. Paul Street
Floor 2
St. Catharines Ontario
L2R 7R4
Phone: (416) 585-6178