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Information Notice:   EBR Registry Number:   011-7980
Endangered Species Act Panel Report and Recommendations: stakeholder recommendations on improving the implementation of the Endangered Species Act (2007)
Ministry of Natural Resources
Date Information Notice loaded to the Registry:
January 21, 2013

Some web links in this notice have been updated due to a web migration project. If you cannot access information that was previously available, you can request assistance from the contact listed in this notice. The remainder of the notice has not been altered.

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This notice is for your information. The Environmental Bill of Rights does not require this notice to be placed on the Environmental Registry, however, section 6 of the Act does allow the Environmental Registry to be used to share information about the environment with the public.

Rationale for Exemption to Public Comment:

The Endangered Species Act Panel submitted their final Report to the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) on January 18, 2013. MNR is releasing the report to the public.


As part of the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) transformation plan announced in the 2012-13 provincial budget, MNR published the Modernization of Approvals policy paper (EBR Registry Number: 011-6751) to seek public input on the policy framework to modernize and streamline MNR’s current approach to issuing permits, authorizations and licenses.

The Ministry has heard from many sectors, organizations and individuals about challenges in implementing the Endangered Species Act (ESA). In order to address these concerns while continuing to protect species at risk, MNR posted a notice on the registry for public comment (EBR Registry Number: 011-7696) proposing approaches to improve the implementation of the ESA. The Ministry also invited a wide variety of stakeholders to be part of an Endangered Species Act Panel to identify common issues and potential solutions.

After a number of meetings, the ESA Panel submitted its recommendations to MNR on January 18 2013; there is a link to the report below.

MNR will consider the panel’s report as well as comments from the public and other stakeholders regarding the proposed approaches to improving the implementation of the ESA.

The ESA Panel was made up of stakeholders from: environmental and conservation groups; industry groups including aggregates, agriculture, construction, forestry, and waterpower; an environmental consulting company; and, Infrastructure Ontario.

If you have questions about the Endangered Species Act Panel Report and Recommendations please email esa.permits.agreements@ontario.ca.

Purpose of the notice:

The purpose of this notice is to make available to the public the Endangered Species Act Panel Report and Recommendations, submitted to MNR on January 18, 2013.

Other Information:

The Endangered Species Act Panel Report and Recommendations is available here:


Additional information can be found at;

1. Endangered Species Act, 2007:

2. Ontario Regulation 242/08:

3. MNR Species at Risk Website:

4. Modernization of Approvals - A Proposed Policy Framework for Modernizing Approvals for Ontario's Natural Resources EBR Registry #: 011-6751

5. Proposed approaches to the implementation of the Endangered Species Act which could include regulatory amendments to authorize activities to occur subject to conditions set out in regulation consistent with MNR’s Modernization of Approvals. EBR Registry #: 011-7696 www.ontario.ca/environmentalregistry


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Ministry of Natural Resources
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