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EBR Registry Number: 010-6516
Ministry: Ministry of the Environment
Notice Type: Regulation
Notice Status: Decision
Date Proposal loaded to the Registry: June 09, 2009
Comment Period: Public Consultation on the proposal for this decision was provided for 45 Days, from June 09, 2009 to July 24, 2009.
Title: Proposed Ministry of the Environment Regulations to Implement the Green Energy and Green Economy Act, 2009
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∑I hope you are listening to the people, as I am one of those, who USED TO live and suffer from the
effects of industrial wind turbines!  ∑
I am living in Saskatchewan because I could not live in my family home due to the health effects
from the wind turbines.
Please note, that the power on the transmission lines for the wind farms, MUST BE REGULATED AT THE
WIND FARM and NOT miles down the road at the Hydro One substation because the build up of stray
voltage that is emitted off  the lines (through INDUCTION) is causing severe consequences to humans
and animals (my parents have lost the cattle operation over it)

1.The provincial government recognizes that there is a need for better regulations in siting of
turbines to better protect peopleís health. The proposed regulations are a start but the noise
levels and setbacks are not enough. The community-based self reporting health survey conducted in
Ontario indicates that adverse health effects, occur within about 850 metres on average, and some
experience health problems within 1.5 km. As well, jurisdictions in Europe such as Scotland have a
2 km set back distance. 

2. Some have been driven from their homes by wind turbines. Some canít afford to leave and just try
to cope. Many of these people are re-victimized by the denial of any adverse health effects from
wind companies and from disbelief expressed by far too many government and by some medical
officials. Some members of the general public stand under or near a turbine for a few minutesand
decide it isn't so bad - that they aren't noisy, then dismiss the victims by saying that the
turbines emit no disturbing amount of noise and vibration as far as they could tell.  What they
fail to experience is the turbine noise and vibration every day and night for weeks on end along
with the changes in sound and vibration that accompany nightfall, changing weather and wind

3. This province needs epidemiologic studies to determine the extent of harm being imposed on rural
communities by industrial wind turbines. This majority McGuinty liberal government must stop the
rush of sprawling construction of new projects until they begin to understand the adverse effects
from existing operating turbines on Ontario's residents. The health of our neighbours needs to take
precedence over the profits of the wind industry.