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EBR Registry Number: 010-6516
Ministry: Ministry of the Environment
Notice Type: Regulation
Notice Status: Decision
Date Proposal loaded to the Registry: June 09, 2009
Comment Period: Public Consultation on the proposal for this decision was provided for 45 Days, from June 09, 2009 to July 24, 2009.
Title: Proposed Ministry of the Environment Regulations to Implement the Green Energy and Green Economy Act, 2009
Comment ID 123767
I respectfully submit my comments on the proposed regulations to implement the Green Energy Act.

 I live in a rural residence and have two 35 acre parcels. I strongly suggest the distance between
a wind turbine and the neighbouring property be measured from the lot line and not the "receptor"
as we have every right to enjoy our property and not be aggravated by or deprived expansion of my
existing home or not have the opportunity to rebuild on my property because of the location of a
turbine on a neighbouring property.

I strongly request that the distance from any receptor whether a home or barn be no less than 1000
metres. I have watched as my sister has gone through the worst experience of her life having to
vacate her retirement home because of wind turbines surrounding her home in the Melacthon Wind Farm
outside of Shelburne, Ontario. Five turbines within 450-1000 Metres were eventually shut down at
night to provide some relieve from the noise but the low frequency humming and vibration continued
and they were sleeping outside in a tent near the end of their ordeal. The wind company has since
reached an agreement with her lawyer, Clayton Ruby, and her family  moved from their home in June

I did attend the Public meeting in Port Elgin, Ontario held by the MOE and other Ministries as they
travelled the province for "input". I have no faith they are making sound decisions based on
knowledge available to them. They were unable to answer many questions and I feel they are totally
inadequate to provide sound recommendations for the regulations. I am very disappointed that the
health issues are not being treated with more concern. I hold the government totally responsible
for the residents ill health and suffering from living too close to wind turbines. There are case
studies of ill health from wind turbines happening right in front of government officials and they
are defiantly ignoring the residents plea for help.