We've launched the new Environmental Registry of Ontario where you can read and comment on notices. Some notices are still being published here as we complete the transition to the new registry. If you view a new notice on this site, you will be redirected to the new registry.
This site will remain available as an archive.

How Do I Find a Notice?

The quickest way to get to a notice is to enter the EBR Registry Number associated with that notice in one of the appropriate fields. The EBR Registry Number is a series of characters (010-0365 or PA01E0027).

If you need to search for a notice, you have two options

Basic Search

The "Basic" search is a simple text field with a search button similar to popular search engines.


In order to focus your search, use the following tricks;

AND: is used if you are using more than one word in your query.  By putting the word AND between your individual words, you are requesting documents that contain all these words.

OR: is used when you would like to find documents that match different criteria.  For example, Water OR River OR Lake will return documents that contain the words water, or river, or lake.

Quotations: by placing your search text in quotation marks (" "), you will request all documents that contain all that text and in the order that they appear in your query.  Using "operators" (like AND, OR) within quotation marks will not have the same effect, they will be treated as plain text.

Basic Search

Advanced Search

The advanced search uses a more complex form that allows you to focus your search in a number of ways, including;

  • Keywords
  • Types of Decisions
  • What Ministry is responsible for an issue
  • Dates

Advanced Search