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How Do I Submit a Comment?

You can comment on the proposals posted on the Environmental Registry by:

  • mailing or faxing your comments to the contact name and address provided in the public notice; or,
  • using the Environmental Registry's on-line submission form to send in your comments directly. You can access this form via notices that have active comment periods.

You can read the comments that others (but not their personal information) have submitted electronically through the Registry on a proposal once the decision has been made. All comments (written and electronic) are available for viewing at the government office listed on the notice.

Understanding the Environmental Registry's on-line submission form

The Environmental Registry's on-line submission form is provided to make it easier for the public to submit their views on the government's proposals.

To access the form, click the [submit comment] button on Proposal Notices that have active comment periods. To avoid confusion, this button “disappears” once the comment period on the given proposal has closed.

Clicking on the [submit comment] button will open a new window with a form that has already been partially completed (this helps in determining which proposal you are submitting comments on).

Comment: This is the field where you may submit your comment. Please note that the contents of this comment box may be made available for the public to view once a decision has been made. Please do not put any personal information in the comment box as this will prevent your comment from being viewed by others.

Contact Information (optional): Your contact information may be of assistance if the individual reviewing the comment requires further information or clarification. Your contact information will not be used for any other purpose. The handling of all personal information by Government of Ontario organizations is governed by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA).