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How do I use MyEBR?

MyEBR is a new feature being introduced on the Environmental Registry. MyEBR subscribers have access to a customized section on the Environmental Registry that allows them to keep track of notices of interest and to record searches for future use.

In order to use MyEBR, you need to create a MyEBR account. Your MyEBR account will be used to access the information that you have saved in the registry.

Once you have logged into MyEBR the Environmental Registry will display your user ID in a welcome tab in the top centre of the screen.

My Watchlist

One of the benefits of using MyEBR is that you will be able to have the system remember notices that you are interested in. These notices are stored under My Watchlist.

To add a notice to My Watchlist, you will need to locate it on the Environmental Registry. All Notices on the Environmental Registry contain a "Add Notice to My Watchlist" button. Clicking this button will take you to your Watchlist, which now contains a link to that notice. If you click on the "Add Notice to My Watchlist" button and you are not in to MyEBR, you will be taken to the MyEBR log in screen.

To access your notice at a later time or date, log into MyEBR and go to My Watchlist. If the notice has changed, it will indicate its current status.

My Saved Searches

Additionally, MyEBR allows you to save a particular search that you have found useful. A button appears at the bottom of your search results giving you an opportunity to save your search criteria (not your results, as these may change as the registry changes). Upon hitting the button, you will be prompted to give your search a name so that you can identify it later.

To go back to a previously saved search, just select the "My Saved Searches" button and select from the list of your saved searches.

My Saved Searches is useful if you repeat your search when you revisit the Environmental Registry for a variety of notices (like notices that could impact your community).